Talbot Heath

Head's Welcome

The Junior School is a flourishing, exciting and busy place, where everyone has a genuine interest in children and young people as individuals.

On a visit to Talbot Heath, you will meet articulate, engaging, caring and respectful girls who are revelling in exploration and discovery through all areas of the curriculum and give their best effort in all that they do.

The warmth of the relationship between pupils and staff, as well as between pupils themselves, is tangible. Our girls are blossoming and developing their self-confidence in all the right ways. Through their formative years, we nurture and support them as they take the first steps in their exciting educational journey. Our parents delight in the achievement and enjoyment their daughters experience in their time with us. Our girls inhabit a space where they can be themselves, revel in their learning, have fun and enjoy life’s rich variety, as well as have ambition for the future.

The expertise, skill and support of specialist teachers and staff ensures all children are known and valued as individuals. Talbot Heath is a wonderfully special place and I hope that you will come and see us soon. I shall look forward to hearing about your daughter and to telling you more about what this lovely school can offer her.

Sally Weber-Spokes