Talbot Heath

Year 5 Visit to Athelhampton House

School Trip

Year 5 experienced how terrific the Tudors were on their recent to Athelhampton House, as reported by Faith Wong 5D pupil below: 

We all thought the trip to Athelhampton was very interesting and we learnt such a lot. A favourite part was when we were in the gardens. The Great Court had lots of yew trees and they were all shaped like pyramids – amazing! There were twelve of them and some had a secret seating place hidden inside. The best part was when we visited the dovecote. Inside were lots of beautiful white doves, flying around everywhere!

In the House itself, we visited many different rooms. The bedrooms were really grand but the beds were shorter than ours. That was because the Tudors didn’t sleep lying flat – they thought that if they did, the angel of death would think they were dead! So they slept in a sitting up position – not very comfortable. In the Great Chamber there was even a secret doorway in the wood panelling – we all thought we would like one of those to play hide and seek in – but it was actually a place for the priests to hide in. We all enjoyed the day very much and would like to go again soon.

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