Talbot Heath

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Guest Speakers

Polar explorer and author Professor Susan Carter gave an inspirational talk to the school community at Talbot Heath School last week. Organiser of the first all-female team that skied to the North Pole in 2001, Professor Carter recounted her fascinating journey to the pole to both the Junior and Senior pupils. She spoke of her journey through life that led her to take on the amazing arctic challenge that she recounts in her book ‘Ordinary Women – An Arctic Adventure’. Professor Carter highlighted the importance of having the courage to follow one’s goals, saying that, ‘we should never be limited in our expectations’ and to ‘always give it your best –your ‘A’ game with whatever you do.’ She stated how the girls must never let being a woman stand in the way of what they wanted to do, and spoke of the influential women in her own life; namely her mother and grandmother, who encouraged adventure from a young age. An entertaining and passionate speaker, Sue Carter advised the explorers of the future to, ‘take on your own North Pole.’ This was timely advice for many of the girls in the audience from Lower 5 who are currently working on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and were keen to ask advice about the planning and experience of expeditions. Sincere thanks go to Professor Carter for giving up her time to speak at the school.


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