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Readathon Results 2014

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Once again the girls in Upper 3 have risen to the reading and fund-raising challenge with enthusiasm for this year’s National Readathon. Collectively they have raised a fantastic £736.00, for four children’s charities. They are: Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, CLIC Sargent for Children with Cancer, Together for Short Lives and Readwell. These very worthy charities try to alleviate some of the problems faced by children with an illness at home, hospital or in a hospice by providing reading materials, specialist nurses, social workers and medical workers, as well as vital support for the family. The total is particularly impressive when we consider there are only two form groups in Upper 3, consisting of 37 girls in total, and between them they have read over 270 books.

As always the English faculty likes to recognize individual achievements and give special acknowledgements to particular girls for their impressive fundraising and reading efforts. The literary merit award recognizes individual achievement with reading. They are as follows:

Upper 3P – Fundraising – Winner: - Hannah Glatter; Runner – up: - Megan Griffiths

Reading most books - Winner: - Megan Griffiths; Runner-up: - Hannah Glatter

Literary Merit - Winner: - Eleanor Seery; Runner–up: - Olivia Tibbs

Upper 32P – Fundraising – Winner: Roberta Harris; Runner – up: Hannah Peasland

Reading most books - Winner: Alex Dods; Runner-up: Roberta Harris

Literary Merit - Winner: Serena Sutherland; Runner–up: Charlotte Wittram

All prize winners receive a certificate and a book token for Waterstone’s. Well done and thank you to all of the girls who participated. Grateful thanks also go to the Upper 3 parents and English staff for their continued support with fundraising and promoting reading in school and at home.

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