Talbot Heath

Poitiers and Paris Trip

School Trip

By Kynza, Emily Berridge and Stef Tucker

On the 20th of June, we set off on our travels to France. We watched the sunrise at 5am on the coach whilst the sounds of snoring , headphones blasting and giggling from the back of the bus, filled our ears. After all sorts of essential pampering on the boat such as nail painting, make overs and hair straightening, we arrived in France - our first destination was Poitiers . 

We woke up to a warm and sunny day anticipating our visit to Futuroscope. After breakfast and applying lots of suncream, we went to meet our Tour Guide. The Futuroscope is huge and is very modern, mainly consisting of big 4D cinemas, simulators and theme park rides. The simulators were incredible and felt so realistic. It was a great start to an amazing 5 days.

The following day was just as warm and having packed the night before we were able to leave straight after breakfast. The journey to Paris took around 4 hours and we were met with the beautiful sight of the Eiffel Tower on the skyline. At the Cite des Sciences we toured the planetarium where we learnt all about the start of the solar system. Then we drove to MontMartre and after climbing the three hundred steps to the Sacre Coeur we were able to see the whole of Paris. After looking at the street artists in the square behind the cathedral we drove to the most famous monument of Paris: La Tour Eiffel. The queue for the lift was 1hr long so we chose to take the stairs! By the first floor we were in awe and by the second we were completely amazed.

After a 45 minute drive we checked in to our new hotel. The next morning most of us overslept and ignored our alarms so we had to rush down to breakfast. We left at 9 to drive back to Paris for a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral, on the original island of Paris. We then walked along the banks of the Seine and visited the 'Lock Bridge', on which lovers place a padlock and throw away the key. The bridge sparkled gold in the sunlight. There were hundreds upon thousands of locks secured on the bridge and I am sure the river must be littered with keys.

We then crossed the bridge and looked at the Louvre with its vast glass pyramid. For lunch we ate in the gardens and looked up at the Eiffel Tower. Afterwards we visited an underground shopping centre which had the fanciest toilets in Paris! There were multicoloured toilet rolls and it cost €1.50! We then walked along the Champs-Elysees to go shopping, which for us was the best part of the trip! Sephora, a huge makeup shop, was very popular amongst everyone. Across the road was Abercrobie and Fitch which had huge iron and gold gates at the front. Even Mrs Luke got a picture with the model at the entrance. After dinner we took a boat along the River Seine and saw all the most famous sights of Paris! Arriving back at the hotel at 9pm we spent our last night singing and chatting. It was a fabulous end to an incredible trip so thank you to Mrs Klemz, Mrs Smart, Miss Merlot and Mrs Luke.

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