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On the 9th of August, Talbot Heath School had a fantastic week on the south coast of France, at Le Lac Mimizan. Despite having a mixture of hot days, cold days, a whole night of thunderstorms and rainy days, we all had a great time making the most of the fun water sport activities and the exciting games on the site.

Our water sport (and land) activities consisted of paddle boarding, pico sailing, dart sailing, windsurfing, mountain biking, raft building and kayaking. Every activity was a great success and we all arrived wet back to camp after activities whether it was water from the lac or sweat!

The instructors were so friendly, we made friends with them all. Also great was the food and every night we were treated to a different theme - Mexican was definitely the most popular.

We also had trips out, including an adventure to the largest sand dune in Europe. We even had nights out where we could experience a real sense of the French culture. The locals were so friendly and we all bought plenty of souvenirs. Also there was an ice cream kiosk selling over 50 different flavours of ice cream - including red bull (ew!)

Overall, we all had a great trip and it brought us all closer together as friends. We cannot wait I to do it again next year! Thanks go to the staff for organising the trip and giving up their holidays to ensure it was a huge success.

Written by Georgie Price and Anita Sadeghi-Niaraki

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