Talbot Heath

Evacuated for a Day

School Trip

The Year 6 girls were able to experience a little of what life as an evacuee must have been like in World War Two recently. Dressed for the period and bearing gas mask boxes, they headed off to Weymouth for a living history experience at Nothe Fort. Greeted by a very stern ARP (Air Raid Precautions) Warden, they were led into the fort, having to show their identity cards on arrival. The girls were marched to the village hall where they experienced what the selection process would have been like.

Activities during the day included a session in the World War Two classroom, adding up in pounds shillings and pence and writing with dip pens. They also learnt about daily chores especially washing, and they also had the chance to experience shopping during the war with Mr Arkwright in a ‘genuine’ 1940’s shop.

Taking refuge in an Andersen shelter and putting out ‘fires’ with stirrup pumps was also part of their education about life during the war. It was an exciting and a wonderful hands-on learning experience but they were all relieved that, unlike the real evacuees, they returned home at the end of the day.

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