Talbot Heath

Peace One Day

Guest Speakers

‘Peace One Day’ founder Jeremy Gilley visited Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth, to address the whole school community in a special assembly this week. The actor and filmmaker gave an inspiring presentation about the journey of the non-profit organisation, which was established in 1998, followed by a Q and A session with the pupils. Girls from the Reception class, juniors and seniors, through to the Sixth Form were invited to inquire about his association which annually recognises the 21st September as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, ratified by the United Nations in 2001.

Head Girl, Molly Pinkston, asked Jeremy what had been his most inspiring moment of the campaign: ‘Being with young people and inspiring young minds. Yes,' Jeremy added, meeting world leaders is exciting but being with young people like you, here today, inspires me the most. We are making a difference together.’ He also explained how it is good to fail and not always receive a ‘Yes’ sometimes because, ‘it’s what you learn about strategies to improve that make you examine situations and become stronger as a person. When someone says ‘no’ it’s interesting to me and I want to know why so I can change their mind.’

The Rothesay Road school, which has integrated Peace One Day into its Citizenship curriculum for the past four years, recently ran a logo competition amongst the pupils. Winners of the competition met with Mr Gilley after the assembly to discuss their designs with him, before he left for a flight to Mexico where he was due to meet with the Mexican President. The school would like to thank Jeremy for giving up his valuable time to speak with the community, and to pledge their continued support for this remarkable cause.

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