Talbot Heath

Mini-Volleyball Grand Prix


Talbot Heath School are currently leading the league tables for the U12 Girls and U13 Girls on the Volleyball court. Talbot Heath Girls U12 teams were placed winners and runners-up in the first South West Region Mini-Volleyball Grand Prix, held at the LeAF Academy Bournemouth at the start of October. The Grand Prix was the first of five events held in the region (and is akin to a league because the overall champions are determined by the teams that accrue the most points overall.)

Talbot Heath Girls Under-13 won a very competitive box to win their age group. The winning Team were Charlotte Wittram, Hannah Glatter and Francesca Rowney (Talbot Heath Aces), with Kiana and Niki Rohany coming forth.

All three U13 winning girls have been invited to the U14 South West Regional Training held in Exeter that could lead on to being selected to represent the South-West in the Inter-regional competition in May. Good luck to each of our competitors.

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