Talbot Heath

Careers Convention 2014

Workshops & Events

An extremely well supported careers convention, both by delegates and visitors, was held at Bournemouth School on Thursday 23rd October from 6.00pm until 9.00pm. Despite somewhat inclement weather, the convention was lively and informative. Rooms, halls and corridors were buzzing with the sound of inquisitive parents and students from years 9 upwards who were keen to find out about further and higher education opportunities from colleges and universities and about the exciting careers which were displayed by local and national businesses as well as the armed forces and NHS. There was a positive and enthusiastic ambience and the delegates seemed to have time and space to show and explain why they should be the next step in students’ progress.

Next year this event will be held at Talbot Heath and we aim to put on at least as good a show as this year's. If you would like to help or be represented at next year’s careers convention then please contact Mr J Reidy on careers@talbotheath.org with your name and details and we will contact you in due course.

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