Talbot Heath

MFL Centre Opens


Members of the school community at Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth gathered for the official opening of the Elizabeth Silvester Languages Centre this week. The languages suite, which will enable the pupils to practise their speaking and listening skills in Spanish and French with the latest language software, was named after the former Head of Languages at the school, Miss Elizabeth Silvester, who sadly passed away in March 2013. Former languages pupil Kate Townend opened the new centre and spoke of Miss Silvester as an inspiring teacher stating, ‘her passion for the subject made us strive harder to learn. I’m sure she would have been thrilled with this exciting new resource provided for the girls.’

Kate, who left Talbot Heath in 2009, went on to study French and Arabic at the University of Exeter where she spent a very exciting year abroad in Damascus, Syria, witnessing the dawn of the Arab Spring. After a rapid departure across the Lebanese border to escape the volatile situation, Kate later spent two summers working and studying Arabic in Beirut, Lebanon. Kate stressed to the current pupils that they, ‘should take every opportunity to learn new languages as it can open many doors, quite often unexpected ones.’ 

Anne Klemz who is Head of Languages at Talbot Heath also added how fortunate the school is to have a brand new languages laboratory. She explained, ‘The girls will be able to practise their speaking and listening skills in a variety of fun ways and each class will be regularly timetabled to go there to speak French or Spanish. The lab will also be used for independent learning and internet research, making languages come to life even more! This is a very exciting new venture which, along with the use of ipads, brings the school to a new level as far as languages and technology are concerned: speaking live to their penfriends, finding and watching videos of the latest festival explored in class as well as practising specific exam skills.’

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