Talbot Heath

Juniors Delight with Music Concert


Junior pupils delighted their audience recently with a spring musical concert where every member of the Junior School from Year 3 to 6 took part. The concert provided an opportunity to showcase the wide variety of activities that the Junior girls undertake in their class music lessons.

The Year 3 classes joined together to sing 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines' with very energetic and entertaining actions, and they also sang 'Gravity'. Both songs were chosen to highlight the classes' study of musical pitch in recent lessons.

Also joining together were the Year 4 classes who played a jazzy little piece 'Five Jive' on their recorders. Twenty-eight recorders could be a little 'hard on the ears' but the girls all played with good control and produced a lovely sound. They also sang a Chinese song 'In the Emperor's Garden' as Music in China has been the Year 4 topic in the first half of term.

Singing 'Merely Meandering' were Year 5P, which is a song that tells the story of a boy setting a paper boat afloat down the river. Year 5D competently played 'Love has come again' on xylophones and glockenspiels with four girls bravely improvising in the middle section.

The Year 6 classes have been working on using chords. Year 6W gave a superb performance of an extract based on Glenn Millers 'In the Mood' using xylophones, glockenspiels and various other light percussion instruments to accompany their voices. Year 6L undertook a challenging performance of 'Rock a my Soul' combining their voices with the tuned percussion instruments - also with great success.

Giving a wonderfully rhythmic display of African Drumming using Djembe drums were the Junior Percussion Ensemble, and the Junior Ensemble, consisting of flutes and violins, expertly performed 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and the 'Cornish Floral Dance'.

Also performing were the Singing Club who sang two attractive 'cold' songs - with very enthusiastic actions, and the Junior Choir gave a moving rendition of 'Feed the Birds' and a stunning performance of 'From a Distance'.

Thanks go to every one of the girls who took part in this entertaining event and once again demonstrating the musical talent and excellent teaching at Talbot Heath.

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