Talbot Heath

GCSE Science Live

School Trip

Upper 5 pupils had a day of exciting lectures recently when they travelled to Oxford to experience GCSE Science Live! Five world-renowned scientists spoke passionately about a range of topics to support the girls’ GCSE science studies. They were: Professor Richard Dawkins who spoke about natural selection and Alice Roberts lectured on how ‘Nariokotome Boy’ (a 1.5 million year old skeleton) can shed light on what it means to be human. Kate Lancaster discussed ‘How does nuclear fusion actually work?’ whilst Dave Cliff addressed the exciting developments in Computer Science. Professor Lord Robert Winston was also speaking and talked about pioneering IVF treatment and research. Invaluable revision advice and exam techniques from an experienced chief examiner were also shared with the girls. They said it had been an inspirational and enjoyably educational day. Thanks go to Miss Collins for organising the event.

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