Talbot Heath

The Sound of Music


The sound of chimes through the corridors in the morning was a pleasant harbinger to the evening’s programme. Somehow timpani, cello, bass drums, marimba and the other instruments and paraphernalia found their way to the hall, where places were set before we were welcomed in.

Saxophones played Mancini and Debussy with enthusiasm before a charming vocal solo of Schumann by Georgina Leadley. The flute ensemble and string quartet treated us to works by Rimsy-Korsakov and Corelli.

The percussion ensemble played a latin etude before the Orchestra played several pieces including a wonderful arrangement of Mozart symphony 25 as featured in the popular film Amadeus. Helena Bartlett and Iolla Grace performed a Bach Duo which was wonderful. Each session of the evening was closed by performances by a Senior Choir that included girls who would performing for the last time after many years of sterling service and who appear to have led their sections of Orchestra, Wind Band and Choir admirably.  

As a newcomer to the concerts at TH, I found that the evening was most enjoyable, and I can only wonder as to the hours of practice, dedication and enthusiasm that brings these girls, ranging from Upper 3 to Upper 6, to perform together so beautifully; one could not help but admire their performances individually and how working as a group the whole was so much more than the sum of the parts.  

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