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Shares4schools is a competition organised by The Share Centre, a leading retail stock broker. Shares4schools was introduced to TH for the first time in Sept 2014 to our L6 Economists, in order to offer them the unique opportunity of investing 'real' money on the stock exchange.

Talbot Heath's 'ace' team were, Starsie Wills, Nikki Li, Lucy Desouche and Gemma Davis, led by two members of staff, Kirstie Horgan and Kate Potten, along with the guidance of two local Barclays investment gurus, Richard Bavister and Neil Lewis, who kindly offered their help and advice.

First, our team had to raise an investment 'pot of cash' of £1500 (gulp!), to qualify for the scheme and this we did with a foolhardy 'loan' from the Parent's Association, along with additional sponsorship from The Share Centre. The aim of the competition was to gain the greatest profit from investing our £1500 on the stock exchange over a seven month period.

Our TH team started off cautiously, as this was our first attempt and we were a little scared we were going to lose our 'loaned' money. But as the weeks went by, along with a pep talk by our Barclays reps, the TH team soon got up to speed and had invested all of their cash in several, what we hoped would be lucrative PLCs such as Pearsons, Tullow, Sainsbury's, Ted Baker and 3i, to name but a few.

The shares4school competition offers a league table to help the teams track their profit progress against the other competing schools, both locally and nationally. In all, 42 schools up and down the country took part this year, and at one point during the seven month trading block, the TH team reached fifth position with a profit of 7.6%. We were in the money!

Alas, this was not to remain, our final position on May 16th 2015 was a very respectable 16/42 with a 1.9% profit on our investment. Phew, we were in the black! Not bad, considering it was our first time 'dabbling' with a real stock exchange. Overall, the TH team did very well, but most importantly learnt the 'ins and outs' of what it is like to trade on the stock market. I hope their new found investment skills will be passed on to next year's TH shares4school team, with the aim of a final position at the top of the 2016 share4school league table!

Well done girls, and thanks must go to our Barclays reps, Richard and Neil and to the Parent's Association for their brave 'loan', to be repaid in FULL, with PROFIT! 

By Kirstie Horgan

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