Talbot Heath

Junior Living History Day

Workshops & Events

Talbot Heath uniforms were swapped for Victorian fashions for the Junior school’s annual Living History Day. The girls learnt about the hard work of servant life below stairs through a variety of chores: pumping water, cleaning boots, polishing silver, making beds, sweeping carpets, dealing with ash and coal in the fire, catching rats, ironing, washing, making dough and even making ice-cream. They also experienced a strict school, complete with dunce cap and cane and play time involved playing with hoops and skittles in the courtyard. They ate beef stew and dumplings, followed by Spotted Dick and custard for lunch.

Being situated in Bournemouth it was only right that the young Victorians were informed about the beginnings of Bournemouth as a Victorian town and the Borough of Bournemouth's emblem. The girls also made Victorian postcards and learnt about Victorian houses and architecture, which was followed by pupils making card school houses. It was another exciting and fun-filled day for all involved.

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