Talbot Heath

Junior Oceanarium Visit

School Trip

Year 3 had a very sunny day for their trip to the Oceanarium this week. As well as looking at all the varieties of fish, they were able to see the new colony of Humboldt Penguins. The children were fascinated to watch them being fed. They were also treated to a talk by their keeper and were able to ask her some searching questions at the end.

During the visit the children were given the opportunity to hold a shark's jaw, complete with very sharp teeth, and feel how rough a shark's skin could be. They were equally fascinated to hold a turtle's shell. Lunchtime was spent in the sun on the beach and after a short play the children walked back through Bournemouth Gardens. Talbot Heath seemed a long way away - but they managed it! Everyone agreed that it had been a super day. Thanks go to the staff for organising this visit.  


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