Talbot Heath

Parliament Week Debate

Debate School Trip

The Parliament Week debate took place at the town hall in Bournemouth last week. Five Upper 4 pupils represented Talbot Heath at this lively event, designed to give students the opportunity to debate local and central government issues with local councillors, MPs , MEPs and peers. The girls spoke with great conviction and eloquence, demonstrating genuine political engagement, as did all the young people attending. MPs found themselves defending the government's response to the migration crisis against a forum of young voters who clearly viewed themselves as global citizens with a duty to protect the human rights of all. The motion 'This house agrees with the government's response to the migration crisis' was defeated by a majority of two to one. Serena Sutherland pointed out to the politicians present: "We may not currently have the right to vote, but we are the next generation and our views will soon be heard and matter." Political engagement among the young was very much alive and well within the council chambers during the afternoon - a heartening thought at a time when global problems require commitment and conviction if they are to be resolved.

Thank you to all of the girls who attended. Mrs Holloway said how 'tremendously proud' she was of the girls, adding, 'they were fully engaged and showed great character when speaking out in front of an audience that consisted predominantly of Sixth Form Politics students.'

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