Talbot Heath

Cosmic Classroom

Guest Speakers

Year 6, Mrs Stone and Mrs Davies were delighted to be able to hear and see Tim Peake answer questions and carry out activities in the International Space Station as part of the Cosmic Classroom event.

Prior to the link up we watched a short film showing the highlights so far of Tim’s mission. We were also able to find out more about the ISS, life on the ISS and space in general. As you are probably aware, Tim Peake is the first European Space Agency astronaut and is the first Britain to undertake a spacewalk.

Tim described the view from his window and explained why there appeared to be no gravity in the ISS. It was fun to see him demonstrating how to touch your toes in space and how to spin round. He also showed us his disappearing act, floating up out of the camera’s view. Food is not as enjoyable and tasty in space as at home because, due to the collection of fluid in your chest and head, the sense organs do not respond so well.

We watched him drink bubbles of water and create a game of space ping pong using hydrophobic bats. The Year 6 found the fizzing tablet in a bubble of water highly entertaining.

Tim explained that they are growing flowers and vegetables on board and doing a lot of research on the human body. Tim said the heart beats slower in space because it is having an easier time and does not have to pump against gravity. As a result he is exercising every day.

Tim was asked to select his favourite button on the ISS and he said it was the one which opened the door to outer space.

He finished the live session by wishing all the pupils well and told them to enjoy studying at school. He also told them to enjoy what they enjoy doing.

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