Talbot Heath

Year 5's Titanic Trip

School Trip

Year 5 enjoyed an educational trip of titanic proportions last week when they voyaged to the Seacity Museum in Southampton to learn more about the Titanic. As part of their literacy work, the girls had been studying the topic in their independent projects and the visit brought their studies to life as they explored the exhibition. 

The girls amazed the staff with their expert knowledge revealing how they had learnt such a lot about this fascinating and sad subject that clearly captured their imagination.

Activities that the girls participated in were a particular success, they included: dressing up as characters; filling "compartments" to see how much water it would take to sink the "ship"; making difficult decisions  about which passengers were worthy to put on the lifeboats and deciphering Morse code.

Nowhere was the tragedy of the Titanic disaster more felt than in Southampton, where more than 500 households lost a family member in April 1912: it was a memorable visit for all involved. Thanks go to the Junior department for organising the visit.

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