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TH to Celebrate 130 Years of Education

Anniversary Charity

On Friday 29th April Talbot Heath will be celebrating its 130th birthday and two special assemblies were held by Mrs Chapleo, last week for both the Senior and Junior pupils, to launch the iPledge 130 which will mark this significant landmark in the school’s history. A number of fundraising events will be taking place and money raised from these will go to support Dufatanye Nyanza, a farming cooperative in Rwanda. The school’s involvement in this charity comes about through Godfrey Kalema, a teacher at Talbot Heath’s partner school, College St Emmanuel, who works tirelessly to raise awareness and funds. The cooperative supports children and families affected by HIV Aids, by providing them with healthy food, housing and a means of supporting themselves through the sale of the cooperative’s produce at market.

Mrs Chapleo and Mrs McDonald will be walking/ cycling 130kms on School Birthday; cycling from the birthday morning assembly in the main hall, and they will be looking for sponsorship via their Just Giving page. There will also be a cake decorating competition run by Mrs Moran and a colouring/ design competition. All members of the school community are being encouraged to become involved in some way, set themselves a challenge and make a pledge. Pupils may skip 130 times; swim 130 lengths; bake 130 cupcakes with friends for a cake sale; give up technology or even try to remain silent for 130 minutes! There will also be a raffle as well as prizes for fundraising. 

If you feel that you or your company might be able to support our fund raising by providing a raffle prize please contact Mrs Chapleo, the event coordinator, directly: hchapleo@talbotheath.org

Dufatanye Nyanza - Junior Sch from Talbot Heath on Vimeo.

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