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What do childhood obesity, coral reefs and volcanoes have in common?

Answer: The Dorset Geographical Association’s Spring lecture.

On Thursday 17th March over 100 sixth form students and staff from the local area joined together at Talbot Heath to hear the latest research and developments in Geography... and eat large quantities of pizza and cake!

The event started with Upper 6 Talbot Heath student, Zelie Batchelor, giving an articulate, engaging and informative talk about the geography of childhood obesity. She confidently discussed whether location, wealth or ethnicity have an impact on children’s risk of obesity. She used maps of the location of fast food restaurants in London and levels of obesity to show how the more fast food outlets there are in an area, the higher the levels of childhood obesity. It was a fascinating talk, and she ended considering how the new sugar tax will impact on children’s health.

Dr Louisa Evans then spoke about the links between poverty and the environment. She spoke of her up to date research in the Solomon Islands and the relationship that locals have with the coral reefs there. She considered whether locals were always the best placed to look after the environment and what makes effective leadership in communities.

The event ended with Dr Debbie Milton speaking about secondary hazards such as lahars, tsunami and landslides. She gave very helpful hints for students preparing for their upcoming exams and brought case studies such as Nevado del Ruiz and the Boxing Day tsunami to life.

Mr Davies, from Bournemouth School, thanked the organisers for the event, adding 'Both speakers were excellent for the A level course, good choice. We were very impressed with your student, who spoke on the Geography of obesity. If you could pass on our congratulations.'


Thanks go to the TH Geography department for organising the event and to the girls who attended, making it another successful conference. The next GA Conference will be held in November later this year.  

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