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GCSE Historians Visit Berlin

School Trip

The three night history trip to Berlin was very exciting - we all did so much! The first day, Saturday, we visited the Reichstag Building (with the glass dome), the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Bebelplatz and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. I loved going to the Reichstag, as the views were amazing, but I think the most memorable part of that day was going to the Concentration Camp; there was a moving atmosphere to it that really touched and affected everyone.

On Sunday, we visited the Jewish Museum, the Topography of Terror Museum (located on the site of the former headquarters of the SS and the Gestapo), Checkpoint Charlie Museum and The Berlin Wall Memorial. The Jewish museum was fascinating - even the architecture was poignant. My favourite part of the day was the Berlin Wall memorial, as it was an actual part of the wall, an actual part of Germany's history.

Monday's schedule included the Story of Berlin Museum, with its Cold War Nuclear Bunker; this was also particularly worthwhile because it was another real part of Berlin's history. It was never used, but the fact that it probably nearly had to be used on several occasions is very scary prospect. It would have been very claustrophobic being in there for weeks, so it was very lucky that it never had to be used.

Overall, the Berlin trip was amazing as I learnt so much, and it's really going to benefit my GCSE studies, as well as my outlook on the world then and now.

Jamilla Smith-Joseph L53P

March 2016

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