Talbot Heath

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Awards School Trip

The (poetic) diary of Talbot Bear: DofE Gold expedition 7-10 April, Brecon Beacons

06:00 meet at TH, I had to be up before 05:30,

or Oh my that's very early!

We left for Bere Regis to meet Charlie and Alice,

then off to Cwmyoy; our tents were like a palace!

Day one - We walked up to the top of Bryn Arw,

at 534m the path was quite narrow.

Atop the mountain the wind and rain were so strong,

we saw a rainbow, lost the path down, where did we go wrong?

Day 2 - After camping we set off once again,

to the Sugar Loaf mountain, I've never felt so much pain!

Y Fal. At 596m what a glorious view!

Downhill to our camp for warm showers and stew!

Next day dawned after a very cold night,

ice on our tents our packs were not light!

The clouds came down with flakes of snow,

to the Black Mountain at 710 m should we dare go?

We planned a new route out of the fog

via Table top mountain and missing the bog.

After much hiking and weather now fair,

to the bridge at Crickhowell, our last camp was there.

Up early again we dried our tents in the sun,

then down by the river, this hiking is fun.

At last we have made to the end at Abergavenney,

the toilets were shut so I can't spend a penny!

Into the bus to the services at Usk,

but we couldn't find them, who is this driver tsk tsk!

Of this adventure what can I say?

Two wonderful groups carried me all the way!

By Talbot Bear - Gold 2016

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