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Talbot Heath cake decorating fans have been given ample opportunity to hone their skills in recent weeks. First came the annual Easter Cake Competition with a flurry of mini eggs, bunny rabbits and, of course, plenty of chocolate. Our Holroyd Howe chefs unanimously voted Grace Piercy as the winner for her intricate Easter basket with sugarpaste flowers; technically the most skilled and detailed entry. Immediate runner up was Madeleine Grafham, her giant nest with floating chocolate egg was voted the cake the judges most wanted to eat!

This event was quickly followed up by the iPledge 130 cake raffle challenge. Ten large fruit cakes were prepared, ready for the iPledge raffle, and the plea was sent out for individuals or teams of girls prepared to decorate them appropriately to either celebrate the 130th birthday of Talbot Heath, or represent some of the wonderful projects carried out by the teachers at our link school in Rwanda; these included rearing cows and goats to provide milk for local villagers, chicken 'bingo', where the lucky winners receive their own family chicken to provide fresh eggs, or the numerous growing projects to provide vital food including soya beans, bananas and tomatoes. As usual our girls rose to the occasion with their creative cake ideas, and our teams produced everything from a Rwanda village to a giant hippo swimming up a river! The most observant may have noticed one addition to the iPledge cake raffle, not quite following the theme: Mrs Moran contributed her own cake entry to raise money for this wonderful cause, a royal iced spring flower cake... every little counts!

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