Talbot Heath

French Play is a Delight

School Play

Last week, the entire French cohort was thoroughly entertained by the Onatti Company who came to perform "les garcons" (the boys) in French.

Natalie is baby-sitting 2-year-old Bruno for M. and Mme Dulin while they go out to a fancy dress party. When Natalie arrives M. Dulin explains to Natalie where everything is, how everything works, what Bruno likes and what Bruno doesn't like. He finally leaves, but not before he shows her an incredibly long list of emergency numbers.

Natalie's quiet evening is soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tristan, her ex-boyfriend. He has come to plead with her to get back together. Reluctantly she invites him to stay and baby-sit with her.

After too much play and far too many crisps both Bruno and Tristan are sick and Natalie finds herself looking after two boys! Whilst clearing up Natalie sees a text on Tristan's phone from one of his ex-girlfriends. They argue and she storms out leaving Tristan alone with the baby - just as the Dulins return!

It was incredibly funny and the girls responded to the humour and performances. Bravo to Charlotte Wellbeloved in Upper 4 who participated on stage during the play. The next play is already being anticipated!

Thanks go to the MFL department for organising the event.

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