Talbot Heath

Junior's 'Flat Stanley' Meets Royalty


Talbot Heath junior pupil, Natasha Pestonji, was delighted to learn that her Flat Stanley  travelled to America to visit her Uncle Richard and whilst in America he went to the Invictus Games and met Prince Harry. The pupils in Year 2 recently made and sent their own Flat Stanleys around the world to lots of different countries after reading the Jeff Brown story as part of their topic on Journeys. In the story of Flat Stanley he is posted to the other side of America to visit a friend, they put him in a big envelope and post him as its cheaper than going by aeroplane!

They were posted at the end of April and they are all slowly coming back to school with tales of their adventures, however Natasha's had a particularly exciting adventure. Natasha sent her Flat Stanley to her Uncle Richard in America. She later revealed that her Flat Stanley had gone to visit The Pentagon! It appears that Uncle Richard is an UK Air Attaché who works in Washington for the President and has met Prince Harry on a number of occasions

Natasha explained, "My Uncle lives in America and he works in the army. He went to the Invictus Games and asked Prince Harry if he would mind holding my Flat Stanley. Prince Harry was friendly and happy to hold him. I feel very happy that Prince Harry met my Flat Stanley."

The Junior department have been doing this project with the Year 2 children for the past 5 years and have always been pleased with the positive response from the Flat Stanley recipients. The children write letters explaining that they are posting a Flat Stanley to them to have an adventure, they are posted along with a photo of the child and their letter. Pupils post them to friends and relatives around the world - the furthest they have travelled to is Australia.

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