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Trio of Rio – Lower 4 Culture Day

Workshops & Events

Lower 4 enjoyed an amazingly fun day immersing themselves in Latin American Culture; as the Olympics are soon to be held in Rio there was a special emphasis on Brazil. The event was organised by the Creative Arts Faculty and included the Art, Music and Food Technology Departments. 

Talbot Heath's own percussion teacher, Mr Waller, spent the day running workshops on Samba. The girls enthusiastically played instruments such as Repeniques, Surdos, Tambourims, Panderos and Chocalho - and also used their voices - to create a really fun carnival sound and atmosphere. It was loud! The rhythms were quite complicated and it was all learnt by ear but each class did really well to create a full performance piece.

In Food Technology the girls created a veritable feast of a Mexican and Brazilian themed banquet. Tortillas, Chilli Con Carne, Fruit Kebabs, Quesadillas, Caramel Cinnamon Apple Enchilados, Guacamole and Fajitas all appeared on the menu. It was incredibly fun and interesting to make and very yummy to eat.In Art, colourful Mardi Gras fish on sticks were designed and made using wire sculpture for the structure with tissue paper to cover the body and coloured beads to decorate. There was much detailed and imaginative work; the results will look very effective when carried in a procession altogether.

The girls all agreed they had had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about a different culture.

Thanks go to Miss Coates, Miss Webb, Mr Hill, Miss Williams, Mrs Moran and Mr Waller and all staff who supported.

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