Talbot Heath

iPledge Fundraising Making a Difference


The outstanding £6000 funds raised by parents, pupils and staff for the iPledge 130 are already making a huge difference to the lives of others in Rwanda. Godfrey Kalema, a teacher at Talbot Heath's partner school, has been spending the ipledge 130 money and putting it to valuable use for his cooperative: the Dufatanye Nyanza, which is a farming cooperative in Rwanda which supports children and families affected by HIV Aids, by providing them with healthy food, housing and a means of supporting themselves through the sale of the cooperative’s produce at market. The cooperative is very excited to have a new irrigation system for the banana plantation and fields, along with a diesel pump. 

Godfrey has also bought a motorbike and trailer to transport the crops to market which they have had manufactured to their specifications and a cutting machine for the co-op to produce fodder crops for their cattle. The diesel powered irrigation is saving many hours of hard labour as they have been experiencing drought conditions lately. They have also planted about 60 packets of vegetable seeds that were sent out over the summer and they are growing in the fields. Over the last few weeks they have been running a training programme for local young unemployed adults to help them gain skills to access jobs in the future.

Godfrey sent a heartfelt message of thanks to the school saying:

'This is not a motorcycle but a miracle or magic machine. We are saving much money since we bought this motorcycle. this can carry 1 ton on good roads, when it comes to grass it carries more than you can imagine.What seemed to be a dream for the co-op became a reality. People gather to see this and children come for a lift or to have munyenga. (Local word for lift.) Some times we have free labor in turn of Munyenga. Long live Talbot Heath'


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