Talbot Heath

Visit to the Lloyds Shipping Registry


Our STEM enthusiasts had an amazing day at the Global Technology Centre in Southampton which is home to the Lloyds Shipping Register. The day consisted of a series of talks about the engineering aspects relating to the work of LR, including structures, fuels, acoustic and vibrations, cyber- shipping, naval and marine engineering and emergency response teams. In addition, the girls had a tour of the brand new towing tank recently built by Southampton University as part of their innovation campus. The girls asked mature and perceptive questions on all areas, impressing the specialist engineers. They loved the exciting architecture of the building and the interdisciplinary aspects of the work of LRS. Many of them aspire to work in STEM fields and they left the day enthused.

Mrs Luke is looking forward to preparing her STEM club teams for the silver award competition this year, after their tremendous success last year. A specialist marine engineer who asked the girls if they had ever seen a boat being launched was flabbergasted when they replied that they had built and launched their own vessel last year, with Mrs Luke at the helm!

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