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Ode to Autumn

Holidays and Festivals

After the success of ‘Voices in the Woods’ last year, the Talbot Heath campus’ woods were once again transformed; this time into an evening woodland wonderland to celebrate the school’s beautiful surroundings in the Ode to Autumn event. The whole school event showcased autumnal art and literature from across the year groups alongside costume and pumpkin carving competitions. Pupils, parents and staff saw the woodlands in a new light (literally) with illuminations and lighting festooning the grounds and lighting the way for a fairy door trail. Not only was it a treat for the eyes, but a treat for taste buds as well: the PSS sold make-your-own delicious chocolate apples, and thanks to Claudia Bailey from Wild Wood Forest School, there were younger participants roasting Smores and older ones enjoying mulled cider around the camp-fire.

Mrs Holloway thanked everyone who helped to make the Ode to Autumn such a special event, adding, ‘It was a wonderfully creative showcase for the pupils' art and literature within our splendid woods. A fine time was had by all: mulled cider on a Friday evening by the fire should become a regular event- very 'hygge'.’ She also gave a special thank you to the art department, the site and grounds staff and all those who were out in the rain during the day festooning the trees.

Staff, senior and junior school pupils took part in a pumpkin carving competition; there were many creative and imaginative entries which were exhibited throughout the woodland. Thank you to all of those who took part. Mrs Holloway was particularly proud of her Candice Pumpkin and after ‘Tweeting’ the image, was thrilled to have the image retweeted by the Bake- Off star herself!

Congratulation to the prize-winners who were as follows: Costume competition winners: Junior School Chloe Bokmans; Senior School Eleanor Seery and staff Miss Collins.

Pumpkin carving competition winners: Pumpkin carving: Junior School Katie James, Senior School Lottie Hosking and Ellie Johnstone and staff Miss Webb.

Further thanks to the following for their support, without which this event would not have been possible: Mrs Seery and the PSS, Eleanor Seery for devising the trail, Claudia Bailey from Forest School and our Art, English, Music, Junior and Pre-prep departments for providing the works of art, music and literature so beautifully displayed. A special thanks to Mr Joe Jones from Lamps and Amps for giving up his free time, expertise and lights, CPS (Complete Production Solutions) for providing extra lighting, also a big thank you to the site and grounds team for helping transform our woods into an enchanted forest.

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