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The Trojan Women Impress


An outstanding production of Euripides’ anti-war play ‘The Trojan Women’ was performed at Talbot Heath school at the end of November, and directed by new Head of Drama, Karen McDonald. Although the play was first performed in 415BC in Athens, it was indeed, movingly relevant for the audiences of today who find themselves in the midst of many bitter conflicts; the victims widely documented in newspapers and on TV screens. The play, based on accounts of the Trojan War and its aftermath, thrust the audience into the presence of the pain experienced by innocent victims of war. The girls in the cast rose to the challenge and delivered a polished, poignant and emotive performance.

The play begins with the god Poseidon lamenting the fall of Troy. He is joined by goddess Athena, who is enraged with the Greeks. They hatch a plan to make the journey home from Troy a difficult one by stirring the seas into a frenzy. When dawn arrives the Trojan Queen Hecuba awakes in the Greek camp, waiting to hear of her fate and that of the other female members of her family. As the play unfolds, we witness the women’s devastation and grief, and we are taken on an uneasy journey through this tragic spectacle.

Mrs Holloway congratulated Mrs McDonald and thanked all of the staff involved in the play praising the very high standard of work showcased. She said how thought provoking the play was too, as it ‘resonates with current events.’ Adding that the choice of play was inspired as it offered ‘a wealth of substantial female roles which showcased the depth of talent at the school.’

Kind thanks go to all those involved in the shaping of this production, to the parents and staff who have worked hard behind the scenes to make the production such a success, and especially, the wonderful cast who have worked tirelessly to bring to life the ancient words of Euripides.

Cast List as follows:

Poseidon -   Katy Bates, Besmah Alwesmi

Athena -   Madeleine McKinnon-Wardell, Lily Pusey

Hecuba  -   Jasmine Johnson-Cole

Talthybius -   Serena Sutherland

Cassandra -   Ellie Burrage

Andromache - Millie Horlock

Menelaus - Emily McPartland

Helen - Imogen Heald

Chorus A Leader - Amber Smyth

Chorus B Leader - Ali Dods

Chorus - Lara Burd, Lili Clarke, Isabelle Dickinson, Tia Evans, Libby Howse, Mia Jessett, Sophie Kwon, Isabella McGill, Thulani Ratnayake, Alma Vitolo, Luna Vitolo.

Soldiers - Ellie Blakeway, Phoebe Conley, Verity Leat.


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