Talbot Heath

Year 6 Time Travel at Nothe Forte

School Trip

On a very bright, but cold, winter morning, 6B and 6W left the comforts of their life in 2017 to experience that of a wartime evacuee at Nothe Fort, Weymouth. Before the visit, the girls had already learnt about some of the aspects of the home front during WWII but were excited to experience for themselves rationing, school life, housework and even an air raid. Everyone was singing ‘Run, Rabbit, Run’ as they entered the fort and had their identity thoroughly checked. Throughout the visit the girls were able to spend coins from the time, to purchase goods, but were very upset about the lack of chocolate! They were able to recognise some products that have not changed since the war such as ‘SPAM’.

Learning in the classroom was very strict especially trying to do neat handwriting using a pen dipped in ink (and without getting it absolutely everywhere...)  The air raid siren meant a very quick dash to the public shelter – everyone was happy until we could hear the sound of Luftwaffe coming over. Rocks hitting the outside gave the very scary impression that we had some near misses. Year 6 thought they were safe when they heard the ‘All Clear’ but were then shouted at by the ARP warden to get out quickly as their help was needed to pump water to a fire created by an incendiary bomb that had landed nearby. On the last part of the visit, it was back to the safe haven of a wartime kitchen. Making tea and remembering to, ‘Make Do and Mend’ meant that Year 6 had to brush up on their darning skills. Year 6 definitely enjoyed their time in 1940 but were glad to return to 2017!

Thanks go to Mrs Pugh and Mrs Breeze for organising and accompanying the time travellers.

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