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Molly's Halcyon Moment

General Performances

Talbot Heath pupil, Molly Taylor, featured in a recent episode of ‘The Halcyon’, the ITV drama series set in London during World War 2. The thirteen-year-old played the part of a bridesmaid in the society wedding that took place in the glamorous hotel.

Molly said what a fun experience it was, ‘I was really excited when I was first told I got the part. I had to go for a costume fitting, and to meet the younger bridesmaid, who had already been cast. When I arrived on set for the first time, I was a little nervous, but very excited. It then took an hour and a half to get my hair done. We started shooting straight away, and I knew I had to stay focused. I was on set for about seven hours, and filmed for about two of them. After the first day, I was extremely tired, but looking forward to the next day of shooting.’

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