Talbot Heath

The Great Spanish Cook Off


The girls in Upper 4 Spanish had a real taste of Spain this week when they learned how to make "Tortilla de patatas" (potato omelette) in their Spanish lessons. Led by the Spanish staff and Joy Moran, the food-technology teacher,  in the Creative Arts and Technology building, each group of 4 or 5 girls peeled, sliced and fried the potatoes as the key ingredient to their tortillas. Beaten eggs were mixed with the patatas  and the girls were free to improvise with a few extra ingredients such as olives, peppers and spicy sausage, to make some delicious and authentic-looking tortillas.

The tasty tortillas were judged by Mr David Hancock, the school chef, and Mrs Holloway. The winning young chefs for their egg-xcellent skills were as follows:  Lydia Glanville, Ellie Johnstone, Courtney Wilkie, Lottie Hoskin, Estelle Sheldon- Neal, Isla James, Jess Holloway, Becky Rowney, Olivia Pereira and Grace Woodifield.

Enjoying the cuisine of Europe has become a feature of the MFL curriculum and follows the annual Upper 3 snail-tasting and the Spanish and French breakfasts offered to the girls, staff and parents earlier in the year.

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