Talbot Heath

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School Trip


On Friday 3rd March a selection of gifted and talented students from Year 7 to Year 11 attended the Academy Conferences 'Foundations for Thinking Deeply' Seminar in Oxford. The students listened to a range of fascinating and thought provoking lectures which included the philosophical subjects of Who am I? What should I believe? What should I do? and the Philosophy of Science. Speakers included Dr. Andrew Pinsent, a former particle physicist at CERN, Dr. Stephen Law, Professor Tom Greggs and Julie Arliss. The day also featured a panel discussion on the issue of the extent of evil,and suffering meaning that God may not exist. The school was very proud of Faith Bellamy and Hannah Glatter who addressed the panel and the audience of over 700 teachers and students during this discussion. The pupils enjoyed a tour of Oxford led by Mrs Holloway and all the students were brimming with ideas and enthusiasm on the way home. 

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