Talbot Heath

World of Maths Challenges Girls


In the Maths department there is nothing we like better than solving a problem or puzzle, so we like to make sure there are plenty of opportunities for the girls to have a challenge too.

Mr Haddrell from the World of Maths brought in several Mathematical activities for the Upper 3 and Lower 4 to try to solve. The “hands on” activities were structured so that those involved had to use their logic and deduction skills to solve them. The girls worked enthusiastically in small groups so that they could discuss the activities and were only given guidance if they could not solve a task. 

These are a few of the many activities available for the girls to try:

Could you get the chain from the red pole to the blue?











Could you get all the disks from one post to the other in the correct order?

Can you find the height of an object using shadows?


Could you follow the rules to find the smallest value remaining?


The girls found the activities challenging but fun, as can be seen from their photographs and comments below from Upper 3 pupils:

“I found the World of Maths fun but tricky at the same time.  You didn’t really know that you were doing Maths when you were doing it.  I loved the Maths afternoon, it was fun and I would love to do it again!”  

“Today’s Maths afternoon was very exciting and I really enjoyed having a go at the challenges whilst solving hard problems.  I learnt that you need Maths for just about everything!”


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