Talbot Heath

Run 4 Rwanda – Fun Fundraising at Talbot Heath

Fundraising Event

This year Talbot Heath had 223 runners who trained and ran for the partner school, and many others from the school community who supported Team TH by cheering and supervising over the weekend, as well as donating. The night time 5 km race was a real success, with torches, face paint and luminous clothing, and the school is particularly proud of the 4 podium places that were achieved. Running recognition goes to 13-year –old Emily Parker, from year 9, who came third in the 5 km run that was open to all ages. She was competing against 1673 runners and completed it in a speedy 20 minutes. Congratulations!

Madame Klemz was very grateful to everyone for their support and enthusiasm: ‘Thank you very much for such a superb turnout. I would like to congratulate every single one of you for your tremendous efforts in running and in fund-raising: the weekend could not have been more perfect as the weather was on our side and the six teams ran really well and with such enthusiasm.’ Adding, ‘See you next year for another amazing Run for Rwanda event!’

A special thank you goes to Anne Klemz and Jo Brown for organising Team TH. It was a really wonderful and uplifting weekend with a great community spirit. Photos can be viewed on the gallery on the school website.  


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