Talbot Heath

Spa Day for Upper 4 in Bath

Educational Visit

This week, Upper 4 students enjoyed a spa day on their visit to the Roman Baths, which linked into the curriculum of their Latin and Classical Civilisation courses. During the visit, students explored the role bathing played in Roman society in preparation for a project they will complete over the next few weeks.

On a crisp February morning as the TH party walked along the terrace surrounded by statues of Emperors and generals the steam coming off the warm water of the Great Bath was very atmospheric. Tombstones, on display in the museum, revealed information about some of the Romans who would have visited the Baths regularly: Julius Vitalis was a member of the twentieth legion who lived and worked in Aquae Sulis. In the temple complex students encountered the sacrificial altar, haruspex stone, guilt bronze head of Minerva Sulis and lead curse tablets, which were thrown into the sacred spring, gave a fascinating insight into the religious aspects of the Baths. Students also enjoyed having the opportunity to walk around the bathing complex, seeing the bubbling waters of the sacred spring, the alcoves where business could have taken place in the Great Bath and the engineering of the hypocaust in the caldarium (hot room) and apodyterio (changing room).

The Upper 4 girls thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Roman baths and the Classics department look forward to reading their projects after half term. Special thanks go to Mrs Karanja and Miss Larman for organising the visit.

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