Talbot Heath


Once a TH girl, always a TH girl.

The affection that TH pupils, past and present have for their school is palpable. Whether it is friendships that have lasted a lifetime or the inspirational influence of a teacher, TH girls feel a strong tie to their school.

Our former pupils are an integral part of our school community; they share the ethos and history that has underpinned Talbot Heath since it was founded in 1886.

We want to stay in touch with all our former pupils, giving them opportunities to play an active role in the current community, whether by attending events, being part of our speakers' network or supporting the future development of the school.

Every year we welcome back former pupils to reunions, lectures, festivals and social events, offering them a chance to meet former classmates and staff, revisit their favourite haunts, reminisce or help shape the future of the school through their expertise.

Our alumnae society is a dynamic group, as evidenced by our very active online facebook forum, The fact that over one thousand former pupils watched the footage of our school birthday service, complete with military precision turns, within 24 hours of it being posted on our Facebook page, speaks volumes. When we asked former pupils to send in their memories of the woods we had enough contributions to fill a book!

So, stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, our alumnae forum or THOGA, our alumnae society.

All social media channels search @TalbotHeathSch

We love hearing about your pathways since leaving TH. Your stories are our stories, please share them with us.

For the Facebook forum, search THOGA and ask to join.

Email Celia Wood, Secretary

THOGA Chronicle

THOGA careers in STEAM

Here are six of our former pupils who have gone on to successful careers in STEAM.
We would love to hear of your career path after leaving TH. 
Please email these to hoshea@talbotheath.org