Talbot Heath


Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas
Albert Einstein

The Maths department at Talbot Heath aims to provide a stimulating and enthusiastic approach to Mathematics. We have four designated classrooms, all with interactive white boards, with a range of software with which to enhance learning. Although rather a traditionally taught subject, we encourage all pupils to maximise their potential, whilst hopefully enjoying the subject too!

In Upper 3 (year 7), calculators are not allowed, the emphasis being on the basics to ensure a sound foundation on which to build. Throughout the school, pupils are divisioned according to ability, so that all pupils can be successful. They develop their number, algebra, shape and space, and data handling skills, as they progress through the school, culminating in entry at the Higher level for their GCSE.  With over half the year group studying the subject in the Sixth Form, Mathematics is a very popular subject at A Level.

Biennially, Upper 3 and Lower 4 (years 7 and 8) take part in the “World of Maths” challenges. The company brings various “hands on” problem-solving tasks which the girls have to use their mathematical skills to solve. Working in groups of 3 or 4, they can discuss the activities, and use their logic and deduction skills too!

Each year, pupils are entered for the National Mathematics Challenges. There are three levels of entry, Senior for 6th form, Intermediate for years 10 and 11, and Junior for year 8 pupils. Girls perform well in these competitions, demonstrating a high level of knowledge. We also offer a “codebreaking” club for those interested in cryptography. Staff engender mathematical confidence in pupils.