Talbot Heath


The school has embraced my daughter and nurtured every aspect of her learning. It is less like a school and more like a community of parents and teachers.



We have Open Days in March and October at Talbot Heath, but parents and prospective pupils are, in addition, most welcome to visit and tour the School during term time. The Head of Junior School, Mrs Weber-Spokes, is always pleased to meet with prospective parents during the week and individual appointments can be made by contacting me directly. Either Mrs Weber-Spokes or our Deputy Head, Mrs Pugh, will give you a tour of the school and answer any questions you may have. 
They are always keen to welcome all prospective parents and pupils in person to offer them an insight into the School and to establish a relationship with each family.
Parents who would like to register their daughter can do so at any time; in years where there are waiting lists, prompt registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.
There are no formal assessments for pupils wishing to join us in Kindergarten or Reception; we just like to meet the girls with their parents. Pupils wishing to join in Year 1 or above are invited to come into school for a taster and assessment day. For the younger pupils in Pre-Prep this is an informal day where they spend time with their peer group and informal assessments are undertaken during the course of that day. Pupils in the Junior Department undertake some more formalised assessments during the first part of their morning before joining their peer group for the remainder of the day. 
Prior to girls starting Talbot Heath we are always very happy for them to come in and have additional taster days so that the transition is much easier for them. 
The admissions team are keen to ensure that our admissions process is straightforward and smooth for all prospective parents and pupils.
Please contact me by telephone: 01202 763360 
or email: jsoffice@talbotheath.org to make an appointment.  
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mrs K Chantry 
Junior School Admissions Officer 
and PA to Head of Junior School 


11+ Entry for September 2017

Admission at 11+ (Year 7), 12+ (Year 8), 13+ (Year 9) and Year 10 is, after visits and registrations, via the Talbot Heath Entrance Examination. Admission for overseas candidates is via separate assessment tests sat at their current school or educational agency by arrangement and approval.

Step 1 – Visiting Talbot Heath School

All parents who are considering Talbot Heath Senior School are encouraged to visit for an Open Day and/or for a private visit and meeting with Mrs A Holloway, Head.

Step 2 – Registration

Registration is an expression of interest in joining Talbot Heath, and will allow a prospective pupil to be entered for the entrance exams. It is recommended that registrations take place as early as possible and no later than the end of October in the year prior to the following September start.

Step 3 – Taster Days

Prospective pupils have the opportunity to join Talbot Heath for a Taster Day should they choose with current pupils. Year 7 candidates will be able to spend the day with our current Year 7 once they have reached Year 6, whilst Year 8,9,10 candidates will spend the day with their year group. Taster Days can take place before or after the entrance exams and before a place is offered. They enable pupils to familiarise themselves further with the school by attending classes, activities, sports and being part of the Talbot Heath community. Parents are requested to contact the school should they wish their daughters to experience a Taster Day.

Step 4 – Assessments

Registered candidates are invited to attend the Entrance Exams in the first week of January prior to their year of entry. The exams will consist of 3 X one hour papers: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning (all non-multiple choice). The assessments are designed to enable all prospective pupils to demonstrate their academic potential without excessive preparation. Maths and English are based upon the National Curriculum and the Verbal Reasoning measures a pupil’s ability and so ensures each candidate is challenged at a level which is appropriate to them. References and reports from the candidate’s current school are also requested; these form a key component of the assessments.

Step 5 – Scholarships

Candidates achieving in the top 20% of all 3 entrance exams will be invited to return to sit the academic scholarship papers in mid-January. Candidates can indicate that they wish to apply for All-Rounder, Music and Sport scholarships on the registration form. These take place in early February in the form of formal assessments and auditions. Candidates must also submit a portfolio of evidence in support of the relevant scholarship by 4 January at the latest.

Step 6 – Offers

Candidates will be told whether or not their application is successful at the end of February prior to their year of entry. Offers are posted.

Step 7 – Acceptance

To secure a place for entry, parents are asked to sign an Acceptance Form and pay a £1,100 non-refundable deposit as confirmation. Should the year group be oversubscribed, acceptances will be received on a first come basis from the first Monday in March. A Waiting List could possibly be in operation at this stage. Places may also be deferred at this stage and after discussion with the Head of Admissions.

Step 8 – New Parents’ Evening

Successful pupils and parents are invited to attend the Information Evening for new starters where they will have the opportunity to purchase school uniform, meet with teaching and support staff and other pupils in their designated tutor group.



Admissions Policy

Date last adopted: Dec 2016/revised January 2018

Date for next adoption: March 2018

This policy has been written in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010. It should be read in conjunction with the following school policies and documents:






Disability Access Plan 

Pre-Preparatory Department: Age 3 to 6

There is no specific entrance test for the Pre-Preparatory Department, but we like to meet parents and their children before formal registration and acceptance. Children entering Years 1 and 2 are invited to spend a day in school for assessment prior to registration. Parents wishing their children to attend Talbot Heath should visit the department and fill in an application form and, later, an acceptance form. Application forms will be retained in strict order of receipt for any children with more than a year to go before reaching entry age. Places are allocated in order of application. The number of places is strictly limited to maintain small class sizes. Additional candidates will be placed on a waiting list.

Entry will normally be at 3+ (Kindergarten) or at 4+ (Reception) at 1st September, but there are a limited number of places available for other ages.

Junior Department: Age 7 to 10+

External candidates wishing to enter the Junior Department in Years 3, 4, 5 or 6 are required to sit papers in Mathematics, English and Verbal Reasoning. They will be asked to read aloud and answer comprehension questions orally. A report from the candidate's present school is also required.

Senior School: Age 11 to 14+

Entrance to Senior School is by our own examination for all girls including those from Talbot Heath Junior School.

All candidates sit papers in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. Girls are usually tested at Talbot Heath in January, but they may take the examinations at their present school or at another time by arrangement. A report from the Head of the candidate's present school is requested as part of the entrance procedure.

Sixth Form

We welcome new girls into the Sixth Form each year. Prospective Sixth Formers are invited to visit the school, meet pupils and discuss their A level choices with staff. The offer of a Sixth Form place is conditional upon the candidate achieving a minimum of five A - C grades at GCSE. We expect a candidate to have at least a B grade in the subjects she wishes to study to A level. A report from the candidate's present school is also required. In some instances, the candidate may be required to sit Sixth Form entrance papers.

General Information


The period of notice for withdrawal from the school is one term, such notice to be given in writing to the Head not later than the seventh day of the term in which a girl is to leave. If the full period of notice is not given, then one term's fees will be payable.

For new pupils, if a place is accepted and subsequently not taken up, a term's fees is payable in lieu of notice. Further information can be found in the Terms and Conditions document available on request from both the finance and admissions department. Extra subjects, use of the school bus, or Sixth Form lunches may be discontinued at the end of any term. Notice must be given in writing by half term or fees in lieu will be required. 


All girls whose parents reside overseas must have a guardian in this country who will take responsibility for the pupils during short holidays and exeats, and will act for their parents in case of emergency. 


Girls entering the school are required to undergo a medical examination by their own doctor or the School Nurse. A medical form is issued by the school for this purpose. It is expected that every girl will have been immunised against diphtheria and tetanus before entering school.


The school adheres to the Equalities Act 2010 with regard to any pupils who may have a disability or special educational or health need. The school will make reasonable adjustments for any pupils with SEND requirements or EHC plans.

Parents of a prospective pupil with any kind of disability are asked to give details to the school as early as possible. This will enable the school to make any reasonable adjustments in relation to Open Days, entrance examinations or entry to the school.

Home School Agreements

Parents of pupils and pupils (from Year 3 upwards) are required to read and sign the a home school agreement prior to entry.


Junior School Addendum

Entry to Kindergarten

Entry to Kindergarten is by application and acceptance on a first-come-first-served basis. Parents may complete an application form at any stage, but registrations and acceptance will not be fully processed unless the parents have visited, preferably with their daughter, and have met either the Head or Deputy Head of Junior School. No formal assessments are made.

Entry to the Pre-Preparatory Department

Parents may complete an application form at any time but registrations are not normally accepted until the academic year prior to commencement at 4+. Children will be invited to spend either a morning or a whole day in school where informal assessments will take place within their peer group. The exception to this is in our Reception classes where some very young pupils may not feel comfortable spending a session, in which case either the Head or Deputy Head of Junior School will meet with the parents and their daughter before processing their acceptance. If a child is already attending formal schooling then a Head Teacher’s report will normally be requested from their current school. Children wishing to enter Year 2 will have a more formal assessment and will be given reading, spelling and numeracy tests as part of their visit.

Entry to the Junior Department

Pupils wishing to enter the Junior Department will be invited to spend a day in school with their peer group and will complete tests in English, Mathematics and verbal reasoning. A Head Teacher’s report from their current school will also usually be requested. In the event of insufficient places being available, the pupils will be placed on a waiting list.