Living Legacy

Talbot Heath is proud of its rich heritage and traditions, as well as its pioneering spirit. Since Mary Broad founded the school in 1886 , with her determination to offer a first class, progressive and liberal education to girls, it has blazed a trail , with the aim of providing its pupils with a ‘can do’ spirit, a strong foundation of knowledge and consideration for others.

All members of the TH community will have shared memories and experiences- be it dens in the woods, turning during the processional hymn on school birthday or ducks in the lily pond quad. Our alumnae, former staff and governors are an integral part of the current school community, enriching our offering of opportunities and experiences for the current pupils.

A legacy to the school will enable the pioneering work of Mary Broad to continue. It will ensure that the fabric of the buildings where memories were made is maintained and allow the school to develop exciting new projects, as it heads into the future with a vision to be radical while true to its ethos and founding principles. It will help us to widen access via bursaries and scholarships to those who would otherwise not be able to attend the school.

Talbot Heath is extremely grateful to the many former members of the community whose generosity to the school has helped to shape its future – a legacy to Talbot Heath will ensure that our beacon of imagination, vision and light will continue to shine bright.

Talbot Heath Alumnae

Make a legacy pledge

Any legacy you choose to leave to Talbot Heath School in your Will can save Inheritance Tax for your Estate at the same time as providing vital funds to enable the ongoing work of such a remarkable school with a determination to benefit future generations.

You could leave a set sum (a “pecuniary” legacy) of any size, an actual item (a “specific” legacy) or the whole/part of your Estate (a “residuary” legacy).

You may be thinking of wanting your gift to be applied to an actual project or item. We would be delighted to speak with you to discuss your thoughts and offer suggestions.

It is important to seek the guidance of a solicitor, who will provide impartial legal advice and suggest the most tax efficient way of setting out your wishes. If you have already made your Will, then a Letter of Wishes or a Codicil mentioning Talbot Heath School can be added without difficulty and could be updated by you at any time.

Your solicitor would need to know the correct name and registered charity number to be detailed in your Will and these are:


Thank you for considering such a worthwhile lasting legacy

Is Talbot Heath School a charity?

Yes, Talbot Heath School is a Registered Charity, Number 283708. If you decide to leave a gift to the school in your Will, your legal representative may find it helpful to have our Registered Charity Number. Please note that legacy gifts to charities are free of inheritance tax which can sometimes be a consideration for long term planning.

Can you suggest the wording for my Will?

Our recommendation is that you always seek the guidance of a solicitor, who will provide impartial legal advice and recommend the most efficient way of setting out your requests. If you have already made your Will, then a Letter of Wishes or a codicil mentioning Talbot Heath School can be added without difficulty.

Is there a minimum sum required when leaving a legacy to Talbot Heath School?

There is no minimum sum required and we are grateful for each and every gift we receive. Members of our community support us in different ways and at levels that suit their own circumstances. This can sometimes be a fixed sum of money (a Pecuniary Legacy) or a percentage share of your estate (a Residuary Legacy). The latter option has the benefit of safeguarding the value of your donation and can be made after all other bequests to your loved ones have been paid.

How will you use the money?

The schools finances have always been managed prudently and an unrestricted legacy gift to the school allows us to allocate funds to areas of greatest need. However, we understand that you may wish to direct your gift to a specific area in the School. The bursary programme known as the Guild of Help, for example is a popular area of support for many, as well as sport, music and art-related projects. Past legacies have also been used to fund the digitisation of the schools vast archive; a project that is ongoing and a fantastic resource for the TH community.