Junior School Curriculum

Our girls are innately curious and love learning and our academic results are excellent.

The Junior School curriculum is broad and wide ranging; taking the best from the National Curriculum but going beyond, making sure the girls have a diverse range of opportunities in which to engage. There is an appropriate emphasis on Maths, English and Science, but the girls experience a full range of subjects each week. The curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it remains fresh, dynamic and meets the individual needs of the pupils. It is comprehensive and diverse, offering the girls genuine breadth and balance, whether it be sport, languages or music, understanding and making use of the inter-disciplinary nature of learning, or global citizenship and robot invention.

We are passionate about ensuring we find and draw out every girl’s strengths, their talents and their gifts in whatever field they may be found, and helping them to make their mark in the world. Being a through school that supports girls from the age of 3 to 18 allows us to continue this vision all the way through their education, guiding and supporting them through the ups and downs that life inevitably brings.

Pupils attending our Junior School will automatically be offered a place in our Senior School in Year 7 if they have a positive attitude to learning across the curriculum, alongside standardised and teacher-based evidence of progress being made in English, Maths and Science; this immediately eliminates the anxiety and stress of entrance examinations. Pupils will benefit from the comprehensive and consistent approach to learning and the values and ethos of the school’s motto, ‘Honour before Honours’ embodied by each individual. These values include: kindness to others,
good behaviour, industry, contribution to school life and being a positive role model.

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