The affection that TH pupils, past and present have for their school is palpable. Whether it is friendships that have lasted a lifetime or the inspirational influence of a teacher, TH girls feel a strong tie to their school.

Our former pupils are an integral part of our school community; they share the ethos and history that has underpinned Talbot Heath since it was founded in 1886.

We want to stay in touch with all our former pupils, giving them opportunities to play an active role in the current community, whether by attending events, being part of our speakers’ network or supporting the future development of the school.

THink Through, 5 girls

Once a TH girl, always a TH girl.

It is important for us as a school to keep our Alumnae feeling valued and still very much a part of our school community. This is now done through our ‘Friends of Talbot Heath’ online networking platform, which invites all former pupils, former teachers/heads, governors and current staff to be part of one exciting, online community. This platform boasts the following features:

  • A running feed of alumnae updates, interesting content, and photos from the school archives and conversations.
  • A full opt-in directory of alumnae, allowing you to connect with your Talbot Heath community around the world.
  • A mentorship program, giving you the opportunity to be mentored by others or offer mentorship to fellow alumnae/students.
  • A job board with current opportunities, posted by alumnae, students and strategic partners.
  • Group conversations allowing you to engage at a more granular level with those with the same class, interests, careers, industries, locations as you
  • Events posted by alumnae and Talbot Heath, inviting you to upcoming events, encouraging pop-up engagement, coffee meetings around the world, reunions, webinars hosted by subject matter experts within our networks, and other organic engagement opportunities created for and by you.

If you would like to be part of our Friends of Talbot Heath alumnae online community, sign up here:

We also have a private Facebook forum, search Friends of Talbot Heath and request to join.

We love hearing about your pathways since leaving TH. Your stories are our stories, please share them with us. #THSchAlumnae

Leaving a Living legacy will enable the pioneering work of Mary Broad to continue.

For general Alumnae communications or to order a copy of the latest chronicle, please email



We love to welcome former pupils back to school, if you are interested in hosting a Reunion, we make it very easy for you! 

We send a mailshot to the year groups you specify & promote on our two Alumnae platforms. 

We provide a wonderful afternoon tea for £15pp, tickets can be purchased online (or you can run your own administration) You simply arrive at noon, reminisce, tour, eat & laugh! We will take photographs for you to download, and where possible capture the event on video. You and your guests depart at 4.30pm with a warm feeling in your hearts and old friendships renewed.

To enquire, please email


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