Boarding testimonials

Boarding is like a second home to me – I have spent so much time with my friends. I love hanging out with them, doing sports together and just chatting. It is a whole new experience but I can guarantee that it will be an amazing one!

Vincy, pupil

We have lots of activities on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone here’s amazing! We help each other out and play together.

Jolie, pupil

We are a close-knit boarding community with pupils who embrace challenges, hard work and fun. The staff here are very nice, they take care of us with great effort and are very reliable. They work tirelessly to ensure that we are all safe, sound and secure

Shermane, pupil

We have so many activities! I can assure you that you will not be bored – and you will make new friends! We can learn from each other and create great memories.

Gigi, pupil

Parent testimonial

‘Sending our daughter to board at Talbot Heath was one of the best decisions we’ve made. From the warm welcome by Kat and Della, to the homely feel of the boarding house and wonderful grounds, everything has exceeded our expectations. Our daughter has thrived in this nurturing environment. The dormitory setup in the initial years helped her quickly bond with fellow students and feel at home. The facilities are fantastic, providing ample space for studying, relaxation, and fun activities. The wide range of activities and trips kept her engaged and allowed her to explore new interests. The homemade meals and special birthday celebrations made her feel cared for and part of a loving boarding family. We’re grateful to Talbot Heath for providing a safe, supportive, and enriching home away from home for our daughter.’

See what the Good Schools Guide has to say

“One boarding house – St Mary’s – with weekly, full and flexi-boarders. Some international boarders from mainland China, Hong Kong and Europe. Other boarders are tennis whizz kids or elite swimmers who combine top-flight training with their academic work. Wholesome shared dorms for year 7s and 8s while older girls get their own rooms. Boarders have lunch in the main school but eat in the boarding house dining room the rest of the time. Youngest girls have to hand in their phones at night. Boarding staff run loads of activities, including yoga, baking, movie nights, a Christmas fancy dress party and theatre trips to London. Facilities include a ‘hygge’ space, music room, craft room and a visitors’ lounge. “ Read the full report here