Talbot Heath Sixth Form Testimonials

Sixth Form Testimonials


I’m Isabelle, and I’m one of the Head Girls, as well as a French ambassador. I’m studying English Literature, History, Maths and French, and am also doing an EPQ comparing statutory interpretation in England and France. I enjoy my part-time job as a waitress, playing the piano and fundraising for Godfrey’s Kitchen, and I aim to study Law and French Law at university next year.

Isabelle – Head Girl 2022-23

I’m Alex, and I am one of the deputy head girls. For my A-levels, I take Economics, History and Psychology, with the hope to study business next year at university. Alongside my studies, I enjoy being part of the Rwanda Committee, part-time work as a waitress and going to concerts, linking to my EPQ which investigated the impact of social media on the music industry.

Alex – Head Girl 2022-23

As a new pupil at TH, I can say with complete confidence that Talbot Heath has facilitated me with the resources to reach my potential – the nurturing environment, combined with copious amounts of support. Talbot Heath ensures not only academic success, but the opportunity for every single girl to flourish into an accomplished, confident, happy young lady. The educational experience Talbot Heath offers is unparalleled and this is evident by not only the medals and certificates girls achieve, but the smiles on our faces. It’s been so lovely getting to know all of the pupils here and I feel so fortunate to have the privilege of representing such a truly great school.

Georgia – Head Girl 2021-22

I am so excited to be one of the new Head Girls this year. Talbot Heath has definitely made me the person I am today, and I know they will push me to be the person I am tomorrow. I feel my confidence has just been nurtured in all aspects whether it be academic or music. I feel that TH can give every student equal opportunity and encouragement to achieve what they want to do in life. And that is really special to me, as someone who hasn’t always had that in other schools. I have been taught that it is never too late to reach my full potential if I have that aspiration to overcome obstacles in front of me – and I really believe that Talbot Heath saw the potential in me before I saw it in myself.

Verity- Head Girl 2021-22

I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I joined Talbot Heath in Year 6. Since joining I have grown in confidence and I am so thankful to Talbot Heath for all the opportunities they have given me. Over the seven years I have been here, I have enjoyed being part of school plays, school committees and taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh awards. When I am not at school I like to walk my dogs, play golf and go on runs. I’m really looking forward to the next year in Talbot Heath Sixth Form and being able to get even more involved in the school community.

Verity – Deputy Head Girl 2021-22

I am so excited to be one of the two Deputy Head Girls at Talbot Heath. I am currently studying English, Economics and Latin. I hope to study Politics at University. Since joining Talbot Heath in Year 9, I have enjoyed every aspect of school life as well as the countless opportunities the school has presented to me. I have started a TH Newspaper Club and through this, I have got to know many more of the girls. I truly believe that Talbot Heath cares about every one of their students and is dedicated to supporting them throughout their years at school. I cannot think of a more rewarding way to end my time at TH than being part of the Head Girl team.

Jasmine – Deputy Head Girl 2021-22

Talbot Heath is an excellent centre for learning. The school has helped me to develop my confidence and allowed me to discover my passion for history throughout my time here. The teachers have enabled me to develop my academic ability but also have encouraged me to follow my extracurricular interests. This school gives all the students at Talbot Heath a fantastic foundation to pursue their journey into further education. There is a great sense of community within the school, which is displayed through a variety of sports clubs, drama plays, public and charitable events. I have loved performing in our school performances and I am proud to have achieved athletics records whilst at the school. I am delighted to have been a student at this school, for everything it has given me.

Serena – Head Girl and History Prefect 2019-20

These past six years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Talbot Heath. The school has offered me countless opportunities and experiences that have allowed me to make the most of my education and become the individual I am today. From sports matches to geography competitions, Talbot Heath has enabled me to explore many different paths and has helped me to develop my own passions and interests. The constant support and dedication from the teachers encourage pupils to fulfil their true potential. Talbot Heath is a fantastic community of teachers and friends, a great learning environment and a place of happy memories.

Megan – Head Girl 2019-20

Since 1886, Talbot Heath has always supported its pupil to discover who they are. In my time here, I have learnt how to use my voice to generate change and the confidence to use it. I am excited to carry on the tradition of being a role model for the younger years!

Lily – Deputy Head Girl 2019-20

I joined Talbot Heath at the age of three in Kindergarten and have therefore been through the school from beginning to end. From learning to read and add up, to studying for my A levels, I have matured, not just academically, but also emotionally. Talbot Heath has taught me transferrable skills along with the formal curriculum, which will greatly benefit me in the future – I feel that I am now a confident public speaker, performer and am always ready to lead a task. I am currently studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, and aim to study Chemistry at University. The teaching staff are dedicated and prepared to go the extra mile to help us prepare for public exams, which has been greatly beneficial in the lead up to GCSE’s and AS Levels. There is also an excellent pastoral team, which has helped us during our time at Talbot Heath. Something that I love about our school is its uniqueness: not many schools in our area have a wood, which we can use and I have spent many a happy lunchtime playing amongst the trees. I have taken full advantage of the musical opportunities available to me at school having joined choir in year 4 and senior orchestra from year 7. Music is an example of how Talbot Heath brings different year groups together, and enables us to help develop each other’s skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. I have loved my time at Talbot Heath and I have a lot to thank the school for and am pleased to be representing it for this next academic year as Deputy Head Girl to give something back.

Hanna – Deputy Head Girl 2019-20