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Welcome to Talbot Heath Junior School; a vibrant flourishing part of Talbot Heath School dedicated to the care and education of our 3-11 year old pupils. In our Junior and Pre-Prep School, every individual pupil is nurtured, guided, supported and cared for as they take their formative steps on an exciting educational journey.

Our pupils are articulate, engaging, caring and respectful. Our dedicated specialist teachers and staff ensure pupils enjoy a broad and balanced aspirational curriculum, full of opportunity. All our pupils are encouraged to revel in their learning, have a go, enjoy life’s rich variety and approach everything with a can do attitude.

As a ‘through school’ the younger members of our school benefit greatly from the support and role modelling that the older girls provide. As of 2023, Talbot Heath Junior pupils are guaranteed a highly sought after place in our Senior School. Parents find this very reassuring. You can read our admissions policy admission policy to view the criteria.

Visitors to our school always say there is a tangible warmth in the atmosphere and in the relationships between the staff, the staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves. Our supportive pastoral care provision means that pupils have the security and confidence to try new things, experiment and take risks, knowing that they have a strong network of care and encouragement to support each and every one of them. Our ethos means our pupils can realise their potential and be their very best.

Talbot Heath is a very special place set in beautiful, natural woodland grounds. There is a sense of calm but air of purpose. Here we honour and value our traditions, but continually ensure we are looking ahead so that our pupils become capable and compassionate adults ready to take their place in the world

I warmly invite you to visit us soon and I shall look forward to sharing with you more about what TH can offer your daughter.

Liz Pugh

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