Within our Junior Department, we work hard to build upon and maintain a strong sense of enjoyment, positivity, resilience and confidence in maths which is created in our Pre-Prep and continued as our pupils move onto our Senior School at the end of Year 6. We adopt different approaches to reflect the range of ability and individual needs within each class and are ambitious for each pupil; having high, yet achievable, expectations.

Our maths syllabus relates to the standards of the National Curriculum yet is not restricted to this. Our main focus is developing a sound mastery of the subject within the key areas of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. Although this is largely achieved through traditional methods, at Talbot Heath we like to balance this with new and interesting ways which will enrich our pupils’ learning. Every pupil has their own DoodleMaths and DoodleTables App which is an adaptive online learning platform. We use a range of different textbooks and resources to support and extend learning.

A Maths Ambassador is selected from each class in the Junior School every term and these pupils will be a good role model to their peers and work on specific tasks set by the Maths Co-ordinator which may include organising newsletters, challenges, competitions or questionnaires.

For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics

Roger Bacon, English Philosopher (c.1219-1292)