Guild of Help

The Guild of Help – a Talbot Heath School charity.

Occasionally, Talbot Heath girls face life-changing circumstances brought about through bereavement, chronic illness, redundancy and more recently Covid-19.

Although the school is able to provide short term assistance, we are not always able to provide the ongoing financial support to enable pupils to complete their education with us.

The Guild of Help has always provided financial assistance to those girls at Talbot Heath who require it. We have been able to offer urgently required financial assistance to girls whose place at school was in jeopardy, thanks to the generosity of those who had donated to our charity. Those who have received help have been tremendously grateful.

Today, the need for additional financial support to enable girls to stay at the school is as great as ever. The long term effects of Covid-19 are having, and will continue to have, a huge knock on effect on families.

If you would like to donate to this fund and help secure these young ladies futures, please follow this link

Registered Charity 283708